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Your Personal Mixing Guide

Hello Music Producer and Mixing Engineer,

Welcome to MIX GUARDS, your direct line to individual mixing advice

Approaching one song at a time MIX GUARDS will disclose flaws in your mix and address them from a technically objective point of reference. Our advice will help you straighten out weaknesses in your mix and avoid disappointment at mastering and release stage.

For you to take full advantage of our service you will receive our summary as take-away for your own sustainable evaluation. Thus, this is an offline service. No web calls required. Read on to find out what we do and why our service is capable of providing a higher level of objectiveness.

No More Guesswork

Okay, this separates the men from the boys: unless your loudspeakers have been additionally optimized according to your listening environment your monitoring fails to deliver objective information. Don’t worry, even expensive world-class studio monitors cause errors in the time- and amplitude-domain.

Simply put: you are making decisions based upon what you are hearing while actually other loudspeakers don’t perceive your mix the same way.

Wait, why is that? Physics, baby– because of your monitors not being phase optimized nor time aligned the arrival times of different sound wave elements is being misrepresented at your listening spot. This is leading to a distorted perception of stereo image, phantom center and phase. In short: you have very little to no reliable information on how your mixes translate on other speakers. Enter MIX GUARDS.


Our Service

Your mix will be listened to on a superior monitoring system with nearly flat amplitude and phase response in a room with optimized acoustics. Add years of listening experience et voilà– here’s to MIX GUARDS providing an objective point of reference and helping you take the guesswork out of your decisions.

Addressing the issues that will occur at a later stage (if not corrected now) MIX GUARDS will help you get obstacles out of the way that hold back your mix from performing best on many systems, formats and streaming services. 

You will receive a report in which we pinpoint the flaws time-aligned to your song’s timeline. With that you will have valid information on what exactly needs to be improved at your disposal.

The driving goal MIX GUARDS is shooting for is on par with our moral compass: to treat your work and intellectual property with respect while educating you on becoming a better mixer and deliver bolder, urgent and more confident mixes.

Your Take-Out

  • You will receive detailed notes (pdf/csv/xls) in which imbalance in frequency bands, phase issues, imaging, mono compatibility, dynamic issues of individual signals or groups, loudness and LUFS issues is addressed. 

All notes provided align to your song’s timeline for a better follow up so you understand clearly where in the song to improve what. For more information please read our FAQ.

  • You will receive back the processed audio file of your own mix as it sounds when being listened to on our optimized, phase-coherent monitoring system. Regard this valuable information as a blueprint of how the vast majority of budget speakers and studio monitors out there „hear“ and translate your mix by the time it was sent to MIX GUARDS.


Yes, I Want My Personal MIX GUARD!

Mix with confidence. Avoid costly revisions and disappointment at mastering.

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